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Although we have partner relationships with industry leading vendors and service providers, we do not exclusively design solutions with one product set in mind, and have expertise across brands. You can be sure that the products defined in our solutions are the most appropriate and cost effective based on your requirements.

Technologies and Solutions

Perimeter Firewalls

Specification, installation, configuration and management of firewall technology.

Unified communications

Whether you have a handful of telephones, a team of telephone operators, or several switchboards and call groups in a multi-site situation, we can define and configure a system to effectively manage your telephony. Perhaps more importantly to you, we can enable you to manage it yourself in the future, reducing support or enhancement requirements.

Wireless Networks

Beginning and ending with a full site (or multi-site) wireless audit, we can define a layout and solution to provide full coverage across your estate.

Multi-site VPNs

Some words about VPNs.

Access control

Whether you require a single internal door with swipe card access, or dynamic access to several locations based on individual access rights, we can fit the access systems, define access rights, and enable centralised management and administration for your security. Starting from the security policy, we make the technology fit.

Something else as well

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