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As a consultancy-led business, you can be sure that our solutions use the most efficient, cost effective hardware to meet your requirements. We are not looking to sell product, in fact you are under no obligation to purchase any hardware or software specified in our solutions from us - you are free to source product through your existing suppliers or procurement process if you prefer.

A Consultancy-Led Business

New Solutions

Whether you require a perimeter firewall solution, a multi-site VPN, enterprise wireless network, or unified communications, we will design the most efficient solution for your needs.

Problem solving

If your network isn't functioning optimally, or networked systems are not integrating successfully, we will identify and resolve the underlying problem.

Penetration Testing

How secure is your network? Let us tell you with our robust penetration testing program. We can identify weak points and work with you to increase your security.

Preparation for audit

If you intend to become ISO27001 compliant, we can provide detailed consultancy and advice on meeting the audit requirements.

Access control

Physical site security is also important. We can define or review your security policy, and when it comes to site security and access control, we make the technology fit the policy.


Compliance with legislation can be a minefield. We can help you balance legal, regulatory or contractual obligations with privacy, security and business objectives.


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